Monday, September 27, 2010

Dairy Farm Fun

This morning I took the boys to the local dairy farm with our playgroup. You can schedule an official tour to milk the cows and see how the cheese is made, but this was more of an unofficial visit. We got to see cows, goats, cats, tractors, and a big ADM truck dropping off grain into the silo. Here's Tyson posing in front of the big John Deere that had a flat tire.

They also have a nice little store selling their cheese and other local products. When we came out of the store we saw that one of the barn cats found our stroller to be very comfortable! He even let me push him around for awhile. I think he spent more time in there than either of the boys did.

Tyson didn't want to go near the animals. He was even scared of the little kittens scampering around. That silly kid! He enjoyed playing in the sandbox the most. Here he is with Griffin and Aidan.

We didn't stay too long but we had a nice visit at the farm on a sunny, crisp fall morning. I think we picked the right time to leave, just as a huge bus full of school kids was pulling up!

Laughing Baby

I took this video last week of Miles cackling in his highchair. Just had to post because I love that cute little laugh!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Visit From Grandma & Grandpa

Today Jeremy's dad (Grandpa Jeff) and step-mom (Grandma Debbie) came to visit. We don't get to visit with them very often since they live 4.5 hours south of us. We had a nice brief visit. I think Tyson dragged out every toy in the whole house to show them. They helped us clean up the tornado that was left behind once the boys were upstairs for nap (well, Tyson rarely naps anymore... but he was "contained" in his room).

Debbie and I ran to a fabric store after lunch. She does machine quilting and I've asked her to make a quilt for Tyson's "new" room which we are planning for his 3rd birthday. It's still 6 months away, but currently he sleeps in his toddler bed (crib with a guard rail) and his room is still painted like a nursery from when he was born. I think he will soon be ready for the conversion to a full-size bed and a big boy room! We are planning a sports theme with blue walls (surprising for a boy, huh). I found a quilt in a magazine that I like and it's sports-themed but the colors and prints are old-fashioned, almost with an Americana look. I really like it and was happy with the fabrics we picked out to duplicate it.

The fabric store we went to is not your usual fabric store - it is packed from top to bottom with fabric!! I'm not kidding, I think that place is a fire hazard because you can barely move. It is one of a kind, for sure. But we survived, found what we wanted, and made it back home. I am excited to start putting the details of Tyson's room together over the next several months!

Fall Portraits of the Boys

On Friday evening we had the boys' pictures taken. It was the first time ever getting professional pictures of Miles, and he is almost 6 months old!! Yikes. The weather started off gloomy and rainy in the morning and was not looking good for outdoor pictures. But when afternoon rolled around the sun came out and we had a beautiful setting!

The boys cooperated so well. Miles had a full belly and was well-rested so he was his usual smiley self. Tyson was very well-behaved and did everything we asked him to. This was a new photographer that we had never used before and we really liked her. She had the whole disc of images ready for us the next day. We are so happy with them!! Here are some of my favorites:

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