Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Just wanted to share some pictures we took today of the kids on Halloween. Before our neighborhood's annual trick-or-treat party, I got a few cute shots of the boys in their festive orange outfits.

Then in the late afternoon we got the boys ready to go to the Halloween party. Jeremy took Tyson first and then I eventually had to wake Miles up, feed him, and take him later. So there's a reason why we didn't get any "posed" pictures of the boys together in their costumes. Here is Tyson the UPS Man and Miles the Tiger:

Jeremy and Tyson went trick-or-treating for a little while with the other dads and kids from our block. Tyson wasn't wearing a coat at the time and got pretty cold. When they came back I got him bundled up and he was pretty much ready to go home after that. Miles was good at the party for awhile but then started his back-arching routine where he wants to be put down so he can roll all over the place.

We were sitting in our neighbor's driveway so there wasn't really a good place for Miles to play, so we all headed back home to warm up and finish handing out candy. The boys liked relaxing in the living room while the trick-or-treaters came to the door. Tyson ate too much candy and Miles squirmed around all over the floor and got himself wedged over by the Jumperoo. Silly kids!

Lastly, I wanted to post a comparison picture since Tyson was a tiger in 2008 and Miles wore the same costume in 2010. Here are the two little tigers:

Can you tell they are brothers?? Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

We Got Booed (Twice)

Twice this week our doorbell has rung and no one was there, but a bucket full of Halloween goodies was on the front porch! That's right, we officially got "booed". In addition to the treats, you get a paper with a ghost on it to hang on your front door showing that you have already been booed, and a paper telling you the "rules". To keep it going, you create two more buckets and deliver them to friends after dark, ringing their doorbell and running.

This year we got two boo buckets instead of one because apparently someone planned to give us one anyway, and we got booed in the process. We received baby bibs for Miles, a Sesame Street coloring book, crackers and cookies made by the same brand that I buy for Tyson, a little matching Mr. and Mrs. Scarecrow, candy (of course), and plenty of other cute Halloween stuff. We have some really thoughtful neighbors and friends! And I had fun delivering the boo buckets after dark without getting caught.

Here is Tyson checking out the loot. He yelled "Halloween!" and was so excited. He also told me "Happy Birthday" and "Happy New Year" as he was going through the buckets.

Mungie's Birthday

Yesterday was my Mom's birthday (Mungie, as Tyson calls her), and she came down to visit with the boys and I. We stayed inside and had a low-key day and it was really nice! Both the boys were excited to see her. Tyson sang his rendition of "Happy Birthday". I think he was a little confused, because before she got here, he kept saying "Mungie bring me a little present". I guess he thinks he should get gifts on other people's birthdays too?? We tried to get Miles to do "The Inchworm", but he is rolling all over the place now and he did that to entertain us instead.

Happy birthday Mom, and thanks for spending the day with us!!

"Take a Picture, Mama"

The boys were goofing around on the floor the other day and Tyson requested that I take their picture. I think that was a first. They were definitely hamming it up for the camera!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Photos From Friday

Just wanted to share some pictures I took of the kids yesterday. Here's Miles playing in the front room:

Tyson looking intently at a toy catalog and mentally preparing his list for Santa:

And Miles enjoying a teething biscuit after dinner:

I must add that I am THRILLED I can give Miles something to chew on when he's done eating so that I can actually eat my meal while it's still warm! He likes teething biscuits and Baby Mum Mums too, and only needs minimal assistance while eating them. He makes a big slimy mess all over his high chair tray, but hey, it's progress!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New 'Do For Tyson

I was getting tired of Tyson waking up with a "rooster tail" every morning not long after a haircut, so this past weekend I asked my mom to cut his hair pretty short. She buzzed it similar to how she cuts my Dad's and brother's hair. I think she did a great job and Tyson looks cute with his new 'do. What do you think?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Little Inchworm

Miles has been finding a new way to get around lately. Sometimes I find him pushed up against his crib bumper when he started off in the middle of the crib. No wonder he has that bald patch on the back of his head!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Get Culverized

Yesterday my parents and Ross came down for the day. Ross is graduating from community college in December and transferring down here in January. He had a transfer orientation day and got all registered for his classes before they came to visit us. We are very excited that he's going to be right across town from us very soon! Tyson really looks up to his Uncle Ross. He follows him around everywhere and copies what he does. It's pretty funny.

We all like Culver's and Tyson has been asking to go there for awhile, so we went for an early dinner. We like the side room where the kids can get a good view of the aquarium. Here's Miles having fun on Grandpa Rodger's lap:

And Tyson enjoying his chocolate ice cream:

We all got Culverized, yum!! Tomorrow we are going up to visit my family again for the day because Jeremy is in South Carolina for four days doing olympic lifting training for CrossFit. We miss him and like to keep busy while he's gone. He will be back on Monday!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba Live!

Awhile back we purchased tickets to take Tyson to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live in Chicago. It is one of his favorite shows on Nick Jr. - in fact, it has grown on all of us with its catchy songs and "dancey dances". We were all looking forward to the show! Big thanks to my Mom for coming down to watch Miles for the day. It was a LONG day and the traffic/parking situation was a little stressful, but we had a great time. Here are the highlights:

Pumpkin Patch Revisited

Last Friday Jeremy and I took the kids for another trip to the pumpkin patch. Our last one was cut a little short, and with Jeremy traveling this coming weekend I wanted to go again before the weather got too cold. It was a really nice afternoon and we had a good time. Tyson got to do a lot more this time around, such as play in the corn and sandbox, jump on the big jumping pillow, play in the little village, and climb the huge hay stack. Miles also enjoyed looking at the animals and riding around in his stroller. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the visit:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Safety Town

It was a beautiful morning and the boys and I took a picnic lunch to Safety Town with a few other moms and kids from our playgroup. It is a neat little place behind the fire station where younger kids can practice riding bikes on small-scale roads with miniature traffic signs.

Tyson just got the hang of his tricycle recently so he had a lot of fun. The kids played really well together and shared each other's bikes. We had a nice lunch in the shelter and then headed back out for more tricycle riding!

Here are some highlights of the morning. The little girl in pink is Maddie, Tyson's good friend who is two days older than him. It was funny because there were four kids there today whose birthdays are April 2, April 3, April 4, and April 5 (Tyson and Miles included in that group, of course).

Baby Hat Model

Recently I heard about an opportunity for Miles to be photographed and appear on the Baby Crochet Shop website. Last week I took him for his "photo shoot" to model an adorable ear flapper hat. I think he did a nice job and represented the seller quite well. We may have a future model on our hands, folks!

The hat was featured on a blog today:

And here are images from the photo shoot:

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