Saturday, November 27, 2010

Late Thanksgiving

This weekend Jeremy's parents Jeff and Debbie came up to visit. It was sort of a late, non-traditional Thanksgiving. (We actually had no plans on Thanksgiving Day and went to Denny's for dinner!) This morning before they got here we took Tyson to his weekly gymnastics class. He didn't fall asleep until 10:15 last night and I had to wake him up to get ready to go. Then we all hung out at the house for a bit and decided to go to the hotel pool for some swimming before lunch. Tyson was hesitant but ended up having a great time swimming with his Dad and Grandma Debbie, while Grandpa Jeff, Miles and I watched from the side.

Then after lunch and naps (well, Tyson didn't take one even though he really needed to) Grandpa Jeff, Jeremy, and Tyson went to a college basketball game. It was Tyson's first ever live game and I guess he loved it! No surprise there, really. He got a basketball that was being thrown out as soon as they arrived, and also was on the jumbo-tron and got his picture taken with the mascot (sorry for the blurry shot).

He had fun but was ready to go at halftime. He would never admit to being tired but he sure looked it! After a quick bath, he was asleep in no time. I'll wrap this up as I need to hit the hay myself - it was a long but good day!

Too Big?

Since Miles is on the verge of tipping his bouncy seat over and/or falling out, I'd say he's just about too big for it. What do you think?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Early Thanksgiving

Since my Grandma Nora left for Texas today, we had an early Thanksgiving at my parents' house yesterday. We had a nice time and a delicious meal. Tyson and Miles were very good boys and were surprised by some early Christmas presents.

Tyson received an Elmo puppet book from Great-Grandma Nora and was very excited about it. He screamed "ELMO!!!" as soon as he saw it.

Here he is proudly showing it to Great-Grandma Casey:

Then later on he played outside with the ball poppers and jumped in the leaves with my Mom and Dad. He had a great time but then they started a fire and he wasn't so sure about that. He came inside and told me, "Mungie made a fire. It wasn't awesome. It was really scary."

We got a quick family picture before hitting the road in the evening. I guess it's impossible to get all four of us smiling at the same time!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Big Boy Carseat

Miles is now officially in his "big boy" convertible car seat. The infant carrier was getting awkward for me to lug around and now that he's sitting very well, it seemed like the right time to make the switch. We've had two outings so far and he has done fine. Here are a couple pictures while we were getting the straps adjusted inside the house before installing it in the car. He looks so proud!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Finger Foods

Lately Miles has been doing pretty well getting small finger foods into his mouth. He has only tried puffs and Cheerios so far, but he seems to like them. A lot don't make it to his mouth but we cheer him on when he succeeds and I think he's pretty proud of himself.

I remember not too long ago he would gag on whole Cheerios so I had to break them in half. You can't tell by the pictures, but tonight I dumped some on his high chair tray and just a few seconds later the little bugger had four soggy Cheerios in his mouth and was doing just fine!

Dueling iPhones

Jeremy and Tyson have discovered the beauty of toddler apps on the iPhone. Tyson's favorites are basketball, racing, letters/numbers, ABC railroad, "That's What She Said", bouncy ball, taking pictures, listening to music, etc. The small problem is that he has to be watched very closely so he doesn't make a call, send an email, or otherwise screw up his Dad's work phone.

The solution? Give him his own iPhone! Yes, I'm serious. No, we didn't actually buy him one. Jeremy had an old one lying around and he loaded it with the apps that Tyson likes and since it has no service, it's perfect for him. You would not believe what this kid knows how to do! I'm amazed at how fast he picked up on it. He loves playing with his iPhone while Dad "plays" with his too.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Funny Faces

Last night the boys were making goofy faces during dinnertime. I thought I would post some here, especially since I caught Miles doing his new "buddha baby" face. I love how his cheeks look, and it's so funny how he slams his hands down on the tray at the same time. We call him the "tray slapper".

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trains! Trains! Trains!

This post is a bit late, but last weekend Tyson and I had a "day date". We went to his Saturday morning gymnastics class and then on to the local library for a trains program they were having. It was pretty packed but we spent awhile there and really enjoyed it. Tyson got a train conductor hat and did a train craft (well, I mainly did it for him).

We then listened to some train stories (well, Tyson watched the other kids more than he paid attention to the books). I kept running into people I knew and getting sidetracked talking, but he was very patient. We finally made it down to the community room in the basement where they had refreshments and model trains set up. Tyson LOVED it! The cookies were a big hit, too.

We had such a nice morning together. I can't wait until Miles is a little older and I can do the same thing with him!

Bubble Boy

We received a package from UPS yesterday that contained bubble wrap. Tyson helped me answer the door and he got to speak to a real, live "PPS Man" and tell him what he was for Halloween. Tyson was more interested in discussing candy, but regardless he was very excited about talking to the friendly UPS Man.

Anyway, the rest of the day we played with the bubble wrap and it turned out that Miles got a kick out of the popping sound. So without further ado, I present you with this bubble wrap video:

Picture Post

Just wanted to share some pictures that we've taken recently. Here are the boys having fun on the floor together:

Tyson working intently on a Thanksgiving turkey craft:

Miles enjoying playing with an old favorite toy of Tyson's:

Miles showing off his cute, chubby baby legs:

Not sure why Tyson was making this weird face outside, but I thought it was funny.

And finally, the boys playing with a learning table that I picked up at a garage sale a few months back. It is a hit!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Little Sitter

We have been working with Miles on sitting independently for a few weeks now, and he's got it! Before he just didn't seem to care if he fell over. Now he seems to be proud of himself and enjoys the new perspective that sitting offers him. He likes to watch Tyson and sit in front of a toy basket, picking and choosing which toys to play with (aka chew on). He still enjoys rolling all over the floor like a fish out of water, and seems to be inching closer to crawling, but for now our 7-month-old is a happy little sitter.

Here he is, along with his crazy big brother.

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