Sunday, February 27, 2011

Playing Together

I just uploaded some pictures from my phone taken earlier this month. I thought I would post them here even though the quality isn't the best.

Here are the boys having a blast playing in the Pack 'n Play together. I set it up in our bedroom so I can keep an eye on Miles while I'm getting ready in the morning. Usually Tyson is still asleep so I don't have to worry about him. Little Miles gets into everything these days (trash cans, toilets, and toilet paper are no exception) so sometimes it is necessary to keep him contained!

And here they are taking their first wagon ride of the year. Well, the first time they've ever ridden in the wagon together, I should say. We had a stretch of a couple nice spring days and it was great to get outside. All that snow in the background melted really quickly. We're hoping for some more nice days soon!

Miles kept leaning out the side of the wagon. It was almost naptime and he seemed so relaxed, he probably could've fallen asleep in there!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Playing in the Kitchen

Here are some pictures of the boys playing in the kitchen recently while I was making lunch. It was one of the least-stressful mealtimes we've had in awhile. They were having a great time!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Couches are for Jumping

On Monday I took the boys to a bouncy house playdate with our moms' group. Tyson has never been in a bouncy house before and had decided he was scared of them. I kept hyping it up ahead of time, telling him it was a Valentine's Day bouncy house party. Anytime you use the word "party", he gets really excited. I also told him it was for jumping, and he said "no, couches are for jumping".

Anyway, once we got there Tyson wanted nothing to do with the bouncy house. It was pretty loud and also sort of dark inside. There weren't too many kids there at the time, so after he had his snack I decided to climb in the bouncy house myself while another mom was keeping an eye on Miles. My technique worked because Tyson begrudgingly followed me in. Of course after just a little jumping he decided he LOVED it! Even after I got out he stayed in there and jumped for the longest time. I couldn't get him out when it was time to leave. It was a hit and he couldn't stop talking about it afterwards!

Here are some pictures from the morning. Madison and Bryan having fun:

Bryan and Ben doing some jumping:

Tyson before I coaxed him to get in:

Miles entertaining himself with a plastic cup:

Tyson jumping inside the bouncy house and throwing balls around:

Ok, I think I like it in here!

Miles and I before we had to leave - a bit blurry, but not bad for the 3-year-old girl taking the picture:

Thanks to Amy and Madison for the fun playdate!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

February Pictures

Well here we are, already halfway through February! I thought I would post some recent pictures of the kids.

Do you think Miles needs a haircut? I've never had to comb his hair, but his bangs are starting to look quite uneven!

I love Tyson's crazy expressions:

Miles was being a big boy trying to walk in his room. He takes a few steps before lunging into something (usually me). He thinks he can just throw his belly out first and his legs will catch up!

Can you tell he eats plenty of orange and yellow vegetables??

Before I snapped this picture, Tyson said "I need to be naked, so I can jump". Every day (usually multiple times), he strips off his clothes, takes all the cushions off the couch, moves the basketball hoop over, and jumps and shoots while working up a good sweat. Whew!

Here's Miles trying to get to the DVD player that Tyson so sneakily put out of his reach. He likes to make us nervous by bouncing and leaning back as far as possible while he's in this position:

And lastly, here is Tyson's nasty new bruise. He was standing on his step stool at the kitchen counter next to Jeremy and trying on his hat. He was being goofy and pulled the hat down over his eyes, and then apparently forgot the counter was there and slammed his head into it! OUCH.

That was yesterday, and tonight Miles fell on the tile in front of the fireplace and got a nice bruise himself in almost the exact same spot. Poor boys! We can call them the "Bruise Brothers".

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day Craft Playdate

Yesterday morning we had some moms and kids over for a Valentine's Day craft playdate. The kids made "monster" paper plate crafts, played with stickers, and ate plenty of sweet treats.

Of course I forgot to take pictures during the actual party, just before and after. While I was blowing up balloons ahead of time I found out that Miles LOVES them!

And here is Tyson showing off his completed craft and enjoying a sucker out of his goodie bag:

We all had fun but needed a sugar detox afterwards. I never want to look at a cupcake again. Happy early Valentine's Day!

Look Out World!

Miles has started taking a few steps here and there. Last night he got up to 4 (I think). His balance is getting better but he still basically lunges into me. It won't be long now!

Also last night while I was getting his bath water ready, he figured out how to unroll the toilet paper while simultaneously beating on the toilet seat lid like a drum (gross). Fun times for a 10 month old!
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