Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Festivities

On Saturday we celebrated Easter at my parents' house. The weather was beautiful and my brother was off work so we decided to get together a day early. Both of my grandmas were there and we had a great meal and then went out to the backyard for an Easter egg hunt. The Easter bunny himself made a surprise visit! Actually I should say "herself" - my mom borrowed a bunny costume from the now-defunct Peter Rabbit Preschool. It was a neat idea and the boys really loved seeing the bunny again. Thanks mom!!

On Sunday we hid the Easter eggs and baskets in our basement because we weren't sure if it was going to rain. We told the boys that we had heard some hopping in the basement while they were sleeping. They had fun going through their baskets and finding even more eggs (Saturday's eggs refilled, that is!). Well, Miles didn't really know what was going on, but he still had a good time!

Tyson was super excited when he first spotted the Easter baskets:

Miles was pleased with his new toothbrush:

These bunny sunglasses just aren't working for me:

Ah, I think this is a better look!

Hope everyone had a nice Easter!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Finished Quilt & Pillows

I thought I'd add a follow-up to this post about Tyson's new room. Grandma Debbie has finished the quilt and Tyson loves it! It turned out great, and even has his name on it.

She also gave me the leftover fabric and basketball appliques so I made two pillows for him.

I used pillow forms from Jo-Ann's and followed this tutorial to make envelope pillow cases for them. I love how they turned out.

The "big boy sports room" is officially complete!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Coloring Easter Eggs

We finally got to use the kitties & puppies Easter egg coloring/sticker kit that's been sitting in the basement since last year! Coloring eggs sort of went by the wayside when I sprained my ankle while pregnant, delivered Miles on Good Friday, and came home from the hospital on Easter Sunday. It is ironic that we no longer have our two cats (sniff) and Tyson is afraid of both dogs and cats now!

The Oven Climber

This is Miles' latest trick that we're not too fond of. He loves to climb the oven. It's a miracle he hasn't pulled the oven door open on himself yet. He actually makes Tyson really nervous when he does it and Tyson yells at him to get down. One night Jeremy was browning ground beef on the front burner and he looked away for a second and Miles had climbed up and put his hand in the pan! He managed only to touch raw meat and not burn himself. Wow! We try to remember to only use the back burners now.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lake Geneva Trip

We just got back from a short getaway to Lake Geneva. This was our first trip as a family of four, and it went pretty smoothly. We had a nice time but as always, it was good to be settled in back at home once it was over.

The highlight of our trip was the indoor waterpark at the hotel. Jeremy took Tyson on one of the big waterslides (the green one in the first picture below), but Tyson wasn't a big fan. It was really fast and their inner tube flipped over when they hit the water. I rode it a few times by myself and I approved, though! There was also a nice shallow kids area with three small slides, a light "waterfall", swings, and water plumes. Miles and I spent most of our time there. We all took a few laps around the lazy river. Not the most relaxing experience with a wiggly 1-year-old in a life jacket on your lap (ditto for Tyson squirming around on a tube with Jeremy), but it was a good time. Tyson's favorite part of the park was the pool with basketball hoops around the perimeter. He and Jeremy spent a lot of time there! It was about three feet deep so Jeremy got a good workout lifting Tyson over and over again to shoot hoops.

Here are the boys all mellowed out after swimming the first day:

During the rest of our trip we spent some time in the hotel's arcade (sort of a scaled-back Chuck E. Cheese), drove around downtown Lake Geneva, and checked out the Grand Geneva hotel (on an adjoining property to the waterpark). I was slightly bummed out that it was cold, windy, and rainy the whole time we were there because we couldn't go to any of the downtown shops or walk along the lakefront. The kids would have frozen! There were huge whitecaps on the lake because of the crazy wind (I think there was a wind advisory that day). Also, we drove by Popeye's (the best restaurant in Lake Geneva) but didn't eat there because the kids were getting fussy in the car and the timing wasn't going to work out. Maybe next time!

Here's Tyson and Miles back at the hotel lobby with Bruce the Lego Moose:

Tyson wasn't so sure about standing this close to fire, but he obliged and smiled anyway:

We had fun and it was nice having some family downtime, however I couldn't help but think if we do go back, I would like it to be just Jeremy and I so we could do things that we used to take for granted before we had kids - such as take a peaceful car ride, eat an uninterrupted meal, go to the spa, take a lake cruise, go shopping, stay out past 7PM, etc. Haha!

But seriously, we would miss these two goofs!

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