Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On the Deck

We've been letting Tyson venture outside on his own lately. We have a fenced-in backyard and although the deck blocks part of the view, we can keep a pretty good eye on him from inside the house. This was a big step for him when he started going out there recently by himself. It's fun to watch what he does. He'll pretend to water plants, talk to the plants, tip toe along the flagstones, go up in the fort and watch the neighbors, drop rocks down under the deck, or play in the sandbox.

Today he decided to go out on the deck to pop some bubble wrap, and take down Miles' diapers that I had hanging outside drying. It was actually helpful because I was about to bring them in anyway. He's a funny kid.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend (So Far)

Beautiful baby

Going outside between rain showers

Grilled sweet potatoes, asparagus, & chicken/beef kabobs - YUM!

Tyson loves his fruit

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fun Run + Fireworks

Last night was the first "Fun Run" of the season. All summer long a local running club holds a run for kids on Friday evenings. Tyson loved running in them last year. The kids get a t-shirt and trophy every year. After each race they get cookies and juice/water. This year I signed up both boys - Miles will "run" 200m and Tyson will now run 400m (both accompanied by a parent, of course). Miles had a late nap yesterday and was super hungry so he stayed behind to eat with Jeremy while Tyson had a quick snack and joined me for the Fun Run.

Here's Mr. T doing burpees to warm up before we left. Jeremy and I are not runners so we had to incorporate some CrossFit into the routine!

I didn't get any pictures of him actually running since I was with him, but here he is cooling down with some friends after the race:

Nice dirt goatee!

A couple quick snapshots of the older kids running as we were leaving:

Earlier in the day Jeremy had picked up a package of rookie fireworks. I say "rookie" because you can't buy the big-time fireworks legally here. Not that we're really into it, anyway. He and Tyson had fun with the smokers, sparklers, and snappers (non-technical names!).

Like two little kids on Christmas!

Always staying a safe distance away

Another nervous smile

Apparently the snappers were his favorite. I loved those when I was a kid, too. We now have enough fireworks to last us all summer. Sorry, neighbors!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

First Trip to the Dentist

This morning I took Tyson to the dentist for the first time. I forgot about the appointment until yesterday when I realized I probably should be doing things to "prep" him for it (bad mom!), so I put out a request to my Facebook friends for some advice. Although I got some great ideas, we didn't have time to implement many of them (such as checking out certain books at the library). We just talked about what they would be doing and went over how well Elmo did at the dentist in a book that we already have. I knew I'd be taking Tyson to get groceries afterwards so I considered some type of bribe, but didn't end up doing that.

He was a little nervous when we got there and kept asking what certain noises were. The lady that called his name was super friendly and although not his actual hygienist, she did a great job of putting him at ease and making him laugh.

Then the hygienist came in and she was super friendly as well. She explained everything before she did it. The only problem was, Tyson got really quiet and started shaking his head "no" to everything.

Nervous smile
She was able to coax him into a few things, though. She checked for cavities and brushed his teeth (instead of polishing them). He didn't want the water sprayer or air so she gave him a cup of water to drink instead. Then the doctor came in, had him lay back (which he didn't want to do), did a quick check, and said his teeth looked great. He was rewarded with a sticker and a new toothbrush.

Happy to be all done!

Yo Gabba Gabba Laptop

The best toys seem to be the ones that drive us crazy because the boys are constantly fighting over them. That is the case with the Yo Gabba Gabba laptop that Great-Grandma Casey got Tyson for his 2nd birthday. Miles has taken a recent interest in it. Occasionally they will both play with it together nicely, but usually they fight, fight, FIGHT!

On this day Tyson was napping (or at least resting in his room), so Miles got to play with it peacefully on his own.

Do you mind? I have some work to get done here.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Activities

We had great weather over the weekend. On Saturday after the boys' naps we took them to a "carnival" put on by a local elementary school. They had food, games, bouncy houses, balloons, face painting, a dunk tank, raffle baskets, etc. The DJ drove us nuts but other than that, it was some good cheap entertainment. I was a little disappointed that Tyson wouldn't go near the bouncy houses. He talks about them all the time and loves jumping, but then when he sees them up close he tends to get scared.

Playing some games:

Hanging out with Hunter the Hawk:

Tyson getting his custom balloon basketball hoop and ball:

On Sunday I went to a tea party hosted by my friend Gina. Originally I didn't plan on going since I don't drink tea and never really considered myself a "tea party person". Is there such a thing?! Anyway, I'm glad I decided to go at the last minute. Gina is a fabulous hostess and it was so fun to have a reason to dress up and get away for an afternoon with some friends (and eat some delicious food).

The weather was nice just long enough for our little garden party. We had finished eating and were sitting around chatting when the sky started getting dark. With 14 or so people helping out we got everything inside right before it started pouring!

Here's a sampling of the pictures I took - I volunteered to be the photog for the afternoon so Gina wouldn't have to worry about it. Not like I need another excuse to use my new camera, huh?

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