Thursday, June 30, 2011

T-Ball Videos

Tonight was Tyson's last day of t-ball. I think he'll be disappointed, since he really loved it. Next week he starts up with soccer, however. Here are a couple short videos I took tonight. He is wearing the orange sleeveless shirt and is fielding in the first video and batting in the second.

And not to be left out, here are a couple pictures of our other cutie, Miles:

He took off with a pair of Tyson's undies while I was folding laundry!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Boys and Their Toys

Tyson still needs some assistance from his Dad

He was super excited to be "helping" unload the Spyder

Jeremy trying out his new ride with my Mom & Tyson looking on

My Dad took it for a test drive too

Helmets will be forthcoming!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday at Home

Miles has been full of hugs and kisses lately

Smoothie time

Chilling outside with his treat from the ice cream truck

Mmm... chocolate

Friday, June 24, 2011

Energy Co-op Annual Meeting

Who knew our local energy co-op's annual meeting could be so fun? Not me. Well, we didn't stay for the actual meeting, but we did take advantage of the kettle corn, alpaca petting zoo, free lunch, balloon lady, and inflatables. They also had face painting, electric car test drives, golf cart rides to and from the parking lot (which would've been fun had we not been using the stroller), and rides up and down in the big crane. The whole event was very well-organized. I was impressed! I just wish it didn't take place in the early afternoon, when Miles needed to nap. Errrgh. He had a few meltdowns while we were there. When we were leaving, Tyson said, "oh, I forgot to get my cheek painted!" He's never gotten his face painted before but he showed some good patience today waiting in line for various things, so I think he would've done fine. Miles, however, probably would not have liked that so we skipped the face painting. It was lots of fun though! Apologies for the poor quality phone snapshots...

Miles loved the balloon sword!

This one makes me laugh!

And here's a video of Tyson going down the big slide. To say that he loved it would be an understatement!!

They Love Their Dad!

A little late for Father's Day, but here are the kids spending some quality time romping on their Dad:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Random Photos of the Boys

Our new couch climber has taken many falls already

Enjoying the new mall play area together!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Couch Basketball

Miles likes playing basketball on the couch, with a little help from his Dad. Happy Father's Day!

Little Climber

Miles' new thing is climbing all over the ottoman and couch. He makes us very nervous! Tyson is always jumping off furniture and he thinks he needs to as well. Luckily he very quickly learned how to get down by sliding down on his belly, feet first. He has taken a couple decent tumbles but always gets right back up again. Occasionally both kids start jumping on the couch and sometimes Tyson will give him a shove, so we have to keep a close eye on them.

He thinks he's a big shot

I had to throw in a few random shots of my cutie, too:

Going shopping!

This has to be one of my all-time favorites

Friday, June 17, 2011

Don't Forget About Me

I'm cute, too!

Nature Exploration Day

This morning I took Tyson to a local nature center. There were SO many cool things to explore there, I only wish we had more time. Tyson spent most of his time wading through the very cold creek, looking for bugs and getting all muddy. I brought along a huge heavy bag that was a little annoying, but we had our lunches with us and a change of clothes. I think he loved being free to get as dirty as he wanted. There is a huge tree you can climb, a bird and animal viewing area, and several other nature areas that will have to wait for next time.

Peeking out of the covered bridge

Throwing sticks in the creek

Going bug-hunting

Ready to ride the zipline!

He chickened out partway up the playhouse ladder

Sporty Spiders T-Ball

Tyson is now a "sporty spider" t-ball player. He just started this week and it's been pretty amusing to watch. The 3-year-olds don't have games, they just work on basic t-ball skills. He is having fun and it's held at a park really close to us. So we can sit and watch Tyson practice or chase Miles around the playground equipment.

The first night we realized they were using "spikey balls" to practice with. Tyson is deathly afraid of these things and always has been! So he gets to use a tennis ball instead. We have to remind the teachers about it. Also, they kept having kids throw and bat right-handed. Tyson can bat on either side pretty well but he definitely throws left-handed. After a couple times putting the ball in his right hand and having him switch hands and launch it, they figured it out. I think it's funny that he appears to be the only lefty and also the only kid scared of the spiky balls.

Water break!
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