Monday, November 28, 2011

Moo Cow

Now I just need to come up with a cow appliqued shirt to go with these ridiculous/hilarious cow print pants. Found them on clearance for $3 (because they were missing the shirt) and couldn't pass them up. Sorry, Miles!

He doesn't seem to mind

They are super soft and cozy, at least

The Christmas Tree is Up

I wasn't exactly looking forward to putting up our Christmas tree this year. I was certain I would spend my days keeping Miles from demolishing it from now until New Year's. But we put it up two days after Thanksgiving, and it's going pretty well so far. Miles likes to take ornaments off, but he's not as bad as I thought he would be.

And the funny thing is, both boys are obsessed with this Michael Jackson musical ornament that we received as a gag gift last year. They fight over it and love to dance while it's playing. Tyson wants it up just high enough so that he can reach it, but Miles can't. I never though that would be the biggest challenge with the tree!

See the theme going on with this popular ornament?!

Love the look on Tyson's face in this one!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Boys Jumping

To say my kids like to jump is a severe understatement, as witnessed by the video below:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Boys at Play: Weekend Edition

They love playing with their boat from Uncle Max & Aunt Anissa

Tyson camped out with his hard hat

Miles with that "who, me?!" look on his face

Friday, November 11, 2011

End of the Week Update

The kids are starting to get along better together, and it's WONDERFUL. We've had a whole lot less fighting around here lately. Hooray! It appears that Tyson has decided Miles is no longer the enemy, and they actually play and have fun together. They get into the usual spats here and there over a toy, and a lot of times they are in cahoots together plotting against me, but it is a LOT better than it was.

When working on my recent blog changes, I had fun reading through all the old posts. It seems that Tyson was being mean to Miles since he was around 9 months old. That makes 9-10 months of fighting we had to endure! Maybe they're like cats, who take time to figure out their "household hierarchy" when a new cat enters the home. Haha! Either way, we're extremely pleased with the cats' (er, boys') behavior lately.

On the other hand, Miles' urge to climb everything is completely out of control. We have NO chairs in our kitchen. All six chairs that go along with our bar-height kitchen table have been sitting out in the garage for about a week now. I couldn't turn my back without him moving chairs all over the kitchen or using them to climb on the table. He fell off the table once and several times I found him dangling there with the light over the table swaying. It was SERIOUSLY exhausting. Now we are eating meals in the dining room (with a regular-height table), which is a nice change since we previously never used the dining room. He still moves the chairs around and climbs them constantly, but the danger of falling is really decreased with the lower chairs. Today he figured out how to drag a chair over to the thermostat and turn the heat off. We realized that several hours later when the house was feeling a little chilly. Oh boy!

He even has to stand on the chair to color!

As for Tyson, he is really enjoying preschool now (finally!) and using his imagination a ton. He is getting a lot better at playing independently and coming up with fun little imaginative stories. He loves to sing and dance. He told his Kindermusik teacher that he wanted to stay there "all day" and he broke into a solo twice during class. Haha! I know he's learning a lot at preschool and I love hearing his stories when he gets home. The assistant teacher was on vacation for about a week and he was SO excited when she came back from Las Vegas. So cute! He has been having some issues at night being scared of his smoke alarm and waking up crying in the middle of the night, but that seems to be getting better the past few days too. We had to put tape over the lights on his smoke alarm and he still wants most of his face covered with a blanket so he can't see it, but he has been sleeping better.

I have no explanation for this one!

The boys are also going to bed a bit earlier (well, Tyson anyway) and having fun in the bath together. There's no fighting to get them upstairs because they really look forward to bath time. Usually the whole bathroom is soaked by the time they get done. They throw toys everywhere, dump water on each other's heads, kick and splash, and scream happily at the top of their lungs. Then they run around naked when they are done. It's no wonder they both fall asleep so quickly at night!

Tyson does spend some downtime using the iPad

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fresh Coat of Paint

A post about a gray front door must mean there's nothing too exciting to report on this rainy, dreary day!

Several days ago I got this urge to repaint the front door. It was white when we moved in, then we painted it black and it has been that way for about 5 years. Both Jeremy and I liked the black but it was starting to show signs of wear. Also, my main problem with the black is how HOT it got between it and the glass storm door. Our house is south-facing and on sunny days you could practically burn your hand walking out to get the mail!

I've been into gray lately and decided to pick up some exterior door paint. The color is "Boulder Neutral". I didn't plan on painting the door right away, but I couldn't have that quart of paint sitting in the kitchen staring at me, so I didn't waste any time. I took advantage of the warm weather the next day and got the door painted in the garage while Miles was napping and Tyson was playing outside.

Here's the closest "before" I could come up with - you'll have to check out this post since I forgot to take a picture of the black door before I removed the lettering and took it off the hinges.

And here's the "after":

Complete with lovely orange building permit

My pants-less helper posed for me

When we first put the door back up, the gray looked completely BLAH... like concrete, and I thought maybe I should have left the door alone. But then when I checked it out from the outside I thought it was a nice, fresh change. I didn't even bother to hold up the paint sample up next to the brick (my mom reminded me of that, but it was after I had purchased the paint), but it actually blends pretty well.

Love those eyes

There is some leftover paint and it occurred to me that the back garage door (which is still white) has had peeling paint for awhile now. Can you guess what my next project is going to be?? I'll have to wait for another sunny day (unlike today)...

I'll try for a more exciting post next time, loyal readers!
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