Monday, February 27, 2012

Grandma's Birthday Party

We had a busy weekend... well, busy for us. Saturday was the Fresh Beat Band concert and Sunday we had my grandma's 92nd birthday party at my parents' house. The boys always love going to visit even though Tyson claims he doesn't want their cat, Nippy, getting boogers on his feet when she sniffs them. (That's an indirect quote.) Goofy kid!

Sam (April's daughter), Grandma, & my cousin April

Mom & her cousin Dean

Miles was getting mad because I wasn't giving him enough attention

Miles with one of the kids' favorite "poppers"

Tyson had something important to tell Grandma

The party was fun and we hope Grandma Casey had a nice time. If you ask me, she doesn't look a day over 80!

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fresh Beat Band Live

Yesterday we treated the boys to a concert (Miles' first), the Fresh Beat Band Live! In case you're not familiar with the Fresh Beat Band, they're a group of twenty-somethings acting as if they're high school students on a Nick Jr. TV show. I started off really despising the show and band because they are SUPER cheesy, but I have to admit that they have grown on me. And the boys just love their music, especially Miles. He will go crazy dancing to their songs!

This was the Fresh Beat Band's first tour and the boys really enjoyed it. They put on a great show and it was just the right length for all of the youngsters in the audience. Miles was really moving and grooving during his favorite songs. (I was, too...)

I didn't do the best job taking pictures in such a dark environment, but here's what I got...

What is Tyson doing?!

Tyson was very interested in the people behind us

Miles probably wishes he had a cool jacket like the kid in front of us!

The things we do for our kids!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dallas Trip

Last week Jeremy had a short business trip to Texas, and I got to go along with him! My mom came down to watch the boys, and my dad and brother joined her later to help out. It was one of those blink-and-it's-over type of trips, but it was still nice to have a little getaway. I had never been to Texas before and hadn't flown in almost five years (!), so I was more than ready for this trip.

I flew out the morning after Jeremy did, and he ended up finishing his work early so we had more time than we had planned to see the sights!

First up, we toured the ENORMOUS Cowboys Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. That place is impressive!! It's the largest, most technologically advanced entertainment venue in the world and can hold up to 100,000 people. It has a retractable roof and end zone doors. Those massive dual screens you'll see in the pictures below measure 72 x 160 feet.Wowzers!

The stadium was being prepped for a motocross event

Cowboys cheerleaders locker room

Cowboys locker room - where are the pictures on the wall?!

Then we spent the most time exploring the site of the JFK Assassination. Jeremy is very interested in all the conspiracy theories surrounding it and had always wanted to visit Dealey Plaza and the Grassy Knoll in Dallas. I found it fascinating as well and I have to say that my curiosity has been piqued after visiting the area.

We went downtown on two different days. The first day, we explored the area on our own. The former Texas School Book Depository, where Lee Harvey Oswald's "sniper nest" was located, has been turned into the Sixth Floor Museum. There are boxes piled up near the sixth floor window, simulating Oswald's hiding place. The X's on Elm St. indicate the two shots that hit President Kennedy. On one side of Elm St. is Dealey Plaza, and the Grassy Knoll is on the other, which is where many people suspect additional shooters may have been hiding.

We bought a book, magazine, and DVD by Robert Groden

The sun finally came out - you can see the famous window still open

The second day we booked a tour with a JFK assassination expert, who happens to be a member of the Dealey family. He took us around town, showing us the various homes Oswald had lived in, and followed the suspected path he took after the assassination at Dealey Plaza and leading up to his arrest at the Texas Theater.

Link to the "backyard photos"

Overall, it was pretty surreal to see all these places that we had only seen in pictures. And it was interesting to see the number of people visiting the site just like us who are fascinated with the whole tragic sequence of events, even though it occurred before many of us were even born. I can't believe that over 1,000 books have been written on the subject of the JFK Assassination, but I agree that there are some pieces missing and I understand why everyone questions the official report. And since Jack Ruby silenced Lee Harvey Oswald, I guess we may never know.

Here are some other photos I snapped in Dallas:

She looked like she was posing for me?

The original Dallas Post Office

Say "cheese"!

American Airlines Center, where the Dallas Mavericks play

What a fun little trip. I hope I can go with Jeremy again on one of his work trips, just like I used to do more often in the days before we had kids. It sure was great to see our boys when we got back home!

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