Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fun With Water Beads

Have you heard of these magical things called water beads?

They are delightfully squishy and slippery marble-like objects that are a great plant hydrator, as well as a fun sensory activity for kids. They come in containers already hydrated (which is what I bought) at floral sections of craft stores. You can also buy them as little dry bead packets (in assorted colors) and add water to plump them up yourself.

We tried them out in the backyard a few days ago. The boys were in love! They bounced, scooped, threw, and squished them everywhere. They played with them until every last one was smashed or lost in the yard somewhere. I know we'll be doing this again! I will probably buy the dry bead packets next time, to get more bang for my buck.

Miles liked transferring them from one measuring cup to another

How do water beads feel on my toes?

Fun with water beads

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