Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fun at the Zoo

Checking out the rhinos

Both boys said the lions were their favorite

The "Africa" section of the zoo - really neat!

A monkey pointing at a monkey ;-)

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Preschool Year-End Activities

A great preschool year is in the books! I can't even believe Tyson will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. This year really flew by!

Both boys had wonderful schools, teachers, and classmates. It's so cute to see the friendships they are forming at this age. In a couple short weeks they'll be starting summer camp, and then they'll be attending a preschool/early elementary school together in the fall. Hopefully we can keep up with their current friends as they're making new ones.

Here's a look back to Miles' first day of preschool (he started at age 2 1/2 last fall). And here he is last week...

The last day of school had a beach theme

Miles giving Miss K the teacher appreciation tote I made

Miss J, spacey-looking Miles, and Tyson

The boys and I at the preschool year-end picnic

Miles giving one of his friends a hug before we left

Here is Tyson's first day of preschool last fall, and some fun from the last week of school.

Turning on the siren when a police officer visited his school

The kids playing basketball at the year-end picnic

Tyson with his great teachers, Mrs. C and Mrs. H

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Photo and Video Catch-Up

It's been awhile since I posted some everyday photos of the kids, so here's a little round-up.

Batman has a good hiding spot

A couple weeks ago we had a "drop-off playdate" at our house with four of Tyson's preschool friends. We had dinner, an obstacle course, and then just played around the house. I underestimated the energy and noise levels from having six kids in the house! They were running around like crazy, wrestling, with Nerf guns a-blazing. Even though it was cool and wet outside, we took them out in the backyard towards the end of the playdate since they still had some energy to burn off. :-) It was a fun experience and the boys are still talking about it.

Last week Tyson had a Mother's Day Tea at his preschool. The kids sang songs and gave flowers and art projects to their lucky moms. It was very sweet! I compared the pictures to last year and could definitely see how Tyson has grown and gained quite a bit more confidence. He seems like such a grown-up kid now.

The kids with their animal masks on for the song "From Head to Toe"

Tyson, Caleb, and his mom Carolyn

And then this past week Tyson had another belt test for Taekwondo. This time he got his orange stripe. And he broke another board!

The kids surprised their moms with flowers :-)

Way to go, Tyson! We are very proud of you!

Miles snuggling with Daddy

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