Friday, September 20, 2013

The Train Craze

These days, the kids are VERY into trains and railroad crossings. Especially Tyson. It's hard to believe that he has a new obsession other than basketball, but it's true! It started over the summer and then grew when they started school and we cross railroad tracks everyday. The kids want the train to come by SO BAD so we have to stop and wait, but it hasn't happened yet. Tyson even talked about it so much at school that the teacher made it into a math activity - doing tally marks on the board every time they heard the train go by (they can hear it, but not see it from school) and then counting them up at the end of the day.

A couple times we have went to the train station uptown after school to wait for the Amtrak. It's always running late so we find fun things to do there before it arrives. Tyson makes sure we record it so we can watch it over and over again. Here are a couple videos from our recent train sightings...

Now, Tyson wants a train bedroom. It's probably not going to happen in this house, but maybe we'll do it when we build a new home if he's still interested in trains. And for Halloween he wants to be a railroad crossing... not a train, or a train conductor, which would both be easier! He's really into the flashing lights and the arms that go down so I have to figure out how to translate that into a costume! Luckily there are several ideas online so I just have to get the supplies and put it all together.

Just thought I would give an update on what the boys are into since I haven't done that lately. Also, Tyson had his first follow-up with the eye doctor yesterday after getting glasses in early June. He's been wearing an eye patch everyday at home for 2-4 hours to correct his mild lazy eye. We found out the glasses and patch are helping and the vision in his weak eye is improving, as well as his depth perception! We can decrease the amount of time he wears the patch now and when he goes back in six months, most likely he'll be done with the patch at that point. And he probably won't need glasses anymore once he outgrows this condition (generally around junior high). So that is good news!

I'll end with a goofy picture of Miles proudly posing in front of his Lego creation. Pretty sure there's a Lego train in the background too. ;-)

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mom-Made Sewing Update

Here are the orders and sales I've finished up recently:

Mei Tai Baby Doll Carrier for S.W.

Small Tote Bag

Sandwich Wrap Placemat

Baby Doll Diaper Bag & Diapers for S.W.

Crayon Roll

Bow Zipper Pouches for C.M.

Assorted Snack Bags for C.M.

Burp Cloths for C.H.

Baby Lovey & Blanket for C.H.

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