Saturday, February 22, 2014

February Sewing

Things have finally slowed down on the Mom-Made sewing front. I had an unusually busy start to 2014, but am now enjoying a little break... and taking some time to make summer PJ's for Tyson.

Anyhoo, here are a few things I've sewed up lately. I have a couple more minor projects going on, and hope to have an exciting new partnership to announce shortly!

Large Cross-Body Tote Bag for A.R.

Baby Doll Diaper Bag & Diaper for D.H.

Baby Doll Diaper Bag for D.H.

Crib Rail Guards for A.B.

Small Zippered Cross-Body Tote Bag for L.N.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

This Year's Valentines

I wanted to post the boys' homemade Valentines for this year. We had a lot of fun making these last weekend. I designed them in Photoshop (with a little help from Google), printed them on cardstock, and then folded them in half and stapled to cello bags that I cut down. Cello bags are probably my favorite way to give treats or any other little gifts to kids. There are so many options. I love them!

Tyson chose trains (no surprise there) and helped me pick out the train image (a "corn train") and saying, and then he filled out the back of the cards. We couldn't find any train-themed candy (actually, we probably could've if we started looking earlier) so we filled them with four mini candy bars.

Miles went with his latest TV obsession, Jake and the Neverland Pirates. He decorated a couple of the cards and I wrote all his classmates' names on them. We filled his with plastic coins, a.k.a. "gold doubloons". He was thrilled!

They were very excited to share these with their friends at their class parties. Happy Valentine's Day from Mom-Made!

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Friday, February 7, 2014

100th Day of School

After six snow days so far this year(!), Tyson celebrated his 100th day of school today. The kids got to dress up like they are 100 years old and bring in 100 snacks to share and 100 items to display in a "museum". He brought Hershey's Kisses and buttons. The buttons were an easy choice because I have a ton of those!

We went with grey hair spray, a drawn-on mustache, and an old man-looking outfit from Goodwill. He's all set with his glasses. :-)

I can't believe 100 days of Kindergarten are already in the books!

He had fun making funny faces at home before school

His teacher Ms. Jess got in on the fun of being 100 too!

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Frenchy House

Our kids are nuts. They threw a bunch of pillows on the floor in the front room and said, "it's a bunchy, Frenchy house!" And then proceeded to have a blast jumping into it while I laughed like crazy snapping pictures. Fun times!

Because everyone needs a little care-free, Frenchy house attitude from time to time...

When the glasses come off, it's time to have fun

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