Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Country Living, Part 1

We finally moved to our new home in the country! Eleven days ago, to be exact. The past few weeks have been quite a blur and I apologize for neglecting this little blog of mine.

Right before we closed on the new house, interest was starting to finally pick up on our old house and we were having more regular showings. That was great, but showings are super stressful especially with two kids, and I was about to lose my mind. We had rented a POD to pack and store our belongings in while we were preparing to move. The POD was sort of an eyesore in the driveway for showings, but it did allow us to save significant money on moving costs and we didn't have packed boxes sitting around inside our house either.

Then two days before we were scheduled to close on the new house and start our big week of MOVING, we accepted an offer on our home! It felt like the best day ever. It could not have come at a better time! I no longer had to maintain a perfectly clean house.

After that, things started to get crazy. We sent the boys to gymnastics camp for a couple days while the movers were packing up the rest of our belongings. We arranged for painting, new carpet, and some new lights at the house, as well as getting our playground and basketball hoop moved. Then the boys spent the weekend having fun at my parents' house while we got their bedrooms (and the other main areas) unpacked. When they came back they settled in nicely. We were worried about the transition but it seems to be going well. Every once in awhile they'll make a comment like they miss the old house a little, but I think they're happy enough here that it's not a big issue. We close on our old house in mid-July!

So anyway, I took three weeks off from sewing and am gradually ready to start back up again. The sewing room is still a disaster (it's a shared space with the guest bed and kids' toys) but it's coming along.

I hope to start posting again on a more regular basis! In the meantime, we are getting used to life in the country... squirrels running around on the roof, birds slamming into windows, interesting insects, etc. Here are some of our adventures in the country so far. Feel free to follow on Instagram, where I post snapshots regularly.

Miles petting a stunned turtle dove that flew into a window

The ever-present burn pile

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Last Sewing Update Before the Move

Hi friends, I just wanted to post my last few sewing projects. I closed up my Sewing Shop about a week ago, literally packed up my sewing room, and we'll be moving into our new home this Friday. I'll resume sewing on June 15 so if you have something you've been wanting, just shoot me an email and I'll get to it as soon as I can.

Have a great week!

Adult Infinity Scarf for M.J.

Adult Infinity Scarf for M.J.

Envelope-Style Pillow Covers for S.M.

Large Tote Bag for H.C.

Writing Buddy for M.W.

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