Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pantry Organization with Containers

Today I wanted to share a weekend project that we are all thrilled about. I containerized and organized our pantry!

Organized Pantry with Containers by Mom-Made

I didn't even realize it needed it until recently. We were frequently finding expired or forgotten foods that had gotten pushed to the back. I wouldn't always know what was needed while grocery shopping, so I would just guess, and we would end up with a lot of extras. (We didn't even have a pantry at our old house, so this is still sort of new and exciting for me!)

I came across a couple organized pantries on A Bowl Full of Lemons and Sunny Side Up blogs that inspired me, so I decided to get to it.

Previously I always wondered why people would want to dump contents of some food from the box into a plastic container, but now I understand why. I tend to try various new healthy (and not always healthy) recipes. We have lots of different flours on hand and there would often be two different bags open, and you wouldn't know which one needed used up first. Or bags would get put back not closed properly, so they would be exposed to air.

Before & After: Pantry Organization by Mom-Made

Now with these clearly labeled containers (using my printer and mailing labels), I never have to wonder how much of a particular flour or baking product we have on hand. And everything is sealed and air-tight. No more crunchy brown sugar or stale marshmallows!

I really tossed a lot of food and got it down to the basics for us when I was figuring out the whole container system. It felt good to do that!

I realized we had an insane number of fruit cups. Those darn coupons kept coming, and I kept buying them, not realizing we had so many pushed to the back of the pantry! Tons of tomato sauce too...

We are all really loving this new system of OXO containers, clear pantry bins, baskets for crackers and chips, cereal keepers (cereal is a special treat around here so we only have two of those), and an expanding can shelf from Target. The OXO containers are pricey, but well worth it for the quality and the air-tight push button seal. You could buy them one at a time, for only the essentials that you would want containerized. We also have OXO scoops right there handy in the containers for certain items like brown sugar and granola.

I know this new system is going to help immensely with grocery shopping, and to curb the over-buying problem that I previously had with the cluttered pantry.

Hope you've enjoyed this little before & after of our new and improved pantry! Be sure to check out the blogs I mentioned above for more fabulous organizing and decorating ideas. :-)

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