Friday, July 18, 2014

Nature Pretties

A couple nights ago just before sunset, I grabbed my camera and biked down our lane and a little ways down the road. It was peaceful and quiet, just a perfect summer evening in the country. Here's what I came across...

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July 2014

This year for the 4th of July we went to my hometown where they have a big town-wide celebration. We had a great time with family... beautiful weather, great food, fun, and fantastic fireworks! We are covered in bug bites and were pretty exhausted the next day (as evidenced by the last snapshot below), but who cares?

I didn't do a great job with my camera but here are a few pictures that I managed to snap that day.

My great-uncle's truck that was entered in the annual car show

Jeremy and the boys in front of my dad's vintage bike


Miles and Tyson with second cousins Ella and Eli

Sparklers on their bikes, how cool!

Almost time for fireworks

Hope you all had a safe and happy 4th!!

The next day 3/4 of us took naps

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Country Living, Part 2

I've finally started decorating at the new house, and that's been fun. We still have unpacked boxes in the basement, and the garage is a disaster, but we're not in a big hurry to work on those. The good news is it feels like HOME here now and we are really enjoying it! And gradually crossing little projects and tasks off the ole' to do list always feels good, too.

The big project from last week was the 1940's dairy barn coming down. We considered different ways to alter it and use it for tractor/tools/garage overflow storage, but it wasn't in great shape and didn't have an overhead door. We really need a more functional Morton-style building for storage, which we are currently researching. We decided the barn needed to go, along with the concrete base remaining from a silo nearby.

Fortunately, the owners/chefs from a local farm-to-fork restaurant heard that we were going to be demolishing a barn and contacted us about wood for a dining room renovation that they're currently undertaking. We were happy to let them take the wood that they needed, and in exchange, we'll be enjoying some great meals at their new and improved restaurant "on the house". :-)

It feels good to know that a large portion of the wood is going to be used yet again, and we can go check it out anytime we want. Very cool!

The boys loved taking turns riding in the excavator

We've also been building plenty of fires (burn piles) in the side yard and are now utilizing the fire pit on our patio for camp fires and s'mores (the boys' favorite). The top of the outdoor fireplace still needs finished off, but it still works as a spot for small camp fires.

Thanks for stopping by today and reading about our new home adventures!

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